Barium nitrate (Ba(NO3)2)

Name: Barium nitrate CAS: 10022-31-8 Molecular Formula: Ba
N2O6 Molecular Weight: 261.34 Barium nitrate (Ba(NO3)2)
NameBarium nitrate
SynonymsUN1446HSDB 401CCRIS 4140Nitrobarite
Nitrato barico
Barium nitratedusicnanbarnaty
Barium dinitrate
Dusicnan barnaty
Nitrate de baryumbariumnitrate(asba)bariumsaltofnitricacidbariumnitrate(ba(no3)2)Nitrato barico Dusicnan barnaty Nitric acid, barium salt
Barium nitrate (Ba(NO3)2)barium(+2) cation nitrate
Nitrate de baryum Barium nitrate, reagent grade, ACSBarium nitrate

Molecular FormulaBa
Molar Mass261.34
Melting Point592°C (dec.)(lit.)
Water Solubility9 g/100 m
L (20 ºC)
Specific Gravity3.24
Exposure LimitACGIH: TWA 0.5 mg/m3NIOSH: IDLH 50 mg/m3; TWA 0.5 mg/m3
Solubility hàng hóa Constant(Ksp)p
Ksp: 2.33
PH5.0-8.0 (50g/l, H2O, 25℃)
Storage ConditionStore at +5°C to +30°C.

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StabilityStable. Strong oxidizer - contact with combustible material may lead lớn fire. Incompatible with combustible material, reducing agents, acids, acid anhydrides. Moisture sensitive.
Physical and Chemical Properties traits colorless or trắng cubic crystals. melting point 592 ℃ relative density 3.24(23 ℃) solubility: soluble in water & concentrated sulfuric acid, insoluble in alcohol and concentrated nitric acid. Decomposition of heat release oxygen, contact with organic matter, friction or impact can cause combustion or explosion. Toxic
UseFor the manufacture of fireworks, fireworks, green fireworks, green signal flares, military ammunition, Analytical reagents, tracer, optical glass, ceramic uranium medicine, low-temperature salt bath, barium salt raw materials.

Barium nitrate (Ba(NO3)2) - Upstream Downstream Industry

Raw MaterialsNitric acid
Ammonium nitrate
Barium sulfide
Barium carbonate
Barium sulfate

Barium nitrate (Ba(NO3)2) - Nature

colorless crystals or crystalline powders. The melting point was about 592 °c, d. 24. Soluble in water, concentrated sulfuric acid, insoluble in alcohol, acetone, concentrated nitric acid. When combustible materials are on fire, they can contribute to the fire. Mixing with organics, reducing agents, combustible materials such as sulfur, phosphorus or metal powders, etc., can form explosive mixtures. At higher temperatures can be decomposed, combustion decomposition, release of toxic nitrogen oxides.

Analytical reagents. For the qualitative analysis of sulfuric acid, chromic acid. It can also be used for the synthesis of oxidants, barium salts and the manufacture of fireworks.

toxic; ICR mice were injected intravenously with LDso: 20.10 mg/kg (Ba2). Ingestion can cause poisoning, severe poisoning, progressive muscle paralysis, heart rhythm disorders, lower blood pressure, serum potassium decreased significantly. Inhalation of a large number of this product dust can also cause poisoning, but the digestive tract reaction is lighter. Staff should be protected and the workplace should be well ventilated. If the skin và eyes are touched, wash with running water immediately. Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire và heat source. It should be stored separately from easy (possibly) combustible substances, reducing agents, acids, alkalis & edible chemicals, và mixed storage should not be avoided.

EPA chemical information Information provided by: (external link)
overview barium nitrate, white or colorless cubic columnar crystal, soluble in water, slightly soluble in acid, insoluble in ethanol. Heat to release oxygen. Contact, friction or impact with organic matter can cause combustion & explosion, and is toxic. However, it is an important barium salt, which is widely used in the manufacture of fireworks materials, optical glass, pottery glaze, explosives, green signal bombs, tracer bombs và other products. At the same time, it is also used in the fields of anti-corrosion, medicine và low-temperature salt bath of metal heat treatment. Based on its good solubility in water, it is also the main raw material for preparing other barium salts, barium oxide and barium peroxide.
preparation method 1. Using barium carbonate as raw material và adding nitric acid to prepare crude barium nitrate solution. After filtering, the solution is concentrated, cooled và crystallized, washed and dried khổng lồ prepare. The chemical reaction formula is as follows: Ba
SO4 +2HNO3 → Ba(NO3)2 + H2SO42. Barium sulfate (barite) is used as raw material, reduced and roasted together with charcoal to obtain barium sulfide, & then react with nitric acid lớn obtain barium sulfide. The chemical reaction formula is as follows: Ba
SO4 + 2C → Ba
S + 2CO2Ba
S +2HNO3 → Ba(NO3)2 + H2S3. địa chỉ sodium nitrate hot solution khổng lồ barium chloride solution. After cooling, barium nitrate crystallizes first, & then recrystallizes & refines. The chemical reaction formula is as follows: Ba
Cl2 2Na
NO3 → Ba(NO3)2 Na
Cl4. Barium sulfate can also be made by reacting with sodium nitrate. The chemical reaction formula is as follows: Ba
SO4 + Na
NO3 → Ba(NO3)2 + Na2SO45. Using barium sulfide & ammonium nitrate as raw materials, barium nitrate is prepared by metathesis reaction. The chemical reaction formula is as follows: Ba
S +2NH4NO3 → Ba(NO3)2 +(NH4)2S(NH4)2S → 2NH3 ↑ + H2S ↑ The specific experimental steps are: leaching barium sulfide đen ash with hot water in a stirred beaker to lớn prepare barium sulfide solution and store it for the next test. Take 750ml of barium sulfide solution and showroom it lớn a triangular flask with stirring. 30% sodium hydroxide solution and dilute sulfuric acid are added khổng lồ the gas absorption bottle respectively. Put the triangular flask reactor into the oil bath to lớn raise the temperature, until the solution rises above 50 ℃, turn on the vacuum pump to lớn maintain a certain negative pressure of the system, and địa chỉ cửa hàng ammonium nitrate to the reactor at the same time. React for about 1h, filter the reaction liquid khổng lồ remove impurities, then concentrate, cool & crystallize, và filter khổng lồ obtain barium nitrate product; the mother liquor returns to reuse. NH3 & H2S gas are absorbed by sodium hydroxide and dilute sulfuric acid khổng lồ prepare by-products sodium sulfide & ammonium sulfate respectively. The process flow is shown in Figure 1. Fig. 1 is a schematic process flow of barium nitrate by metathesis method 6. Ion exchange method: địa chỉ cửa hàng barium sulfide solution to lớn a cation exchange column with a jacket at 65 ℃ for exchange reaction. The effluent contains sodium sulfide, & then heat, concentrate and crystallize for recovery. When Ba2 + ions appear in the effluent (tested by K2Cr
O4 solution), sodium nitrate solution is used for leaching. The effluent is cooled, barium nitrate crystals are precipitated, & barium nitrate crystals are obtained by filtration. The filtrate is then concentrated to lớn extract barium nitrate, & sodium nitrate can also be recovered. The process flow of producing barium nitrate by ion exchange method is shown in the following figure 2: fig. 2 is a schematic diagram of the process flow of barium nitrate by ion exchange method. In fig. 2, 1: barium sulfide solution storage tank, 2: sodium nitrate solution storage tank, 3: hot water outlet, 4: hot water inlet, 5, 6: cation exchange resin, & the jacketed pipeline is maintained at a temperature of 60-80 "c during exchange & elution with hot water, the reaction equation of the laboratory test column with an inner diameter of 1.14cm and a height of 39.5cm, containing 25ml of wet resin, 7: pump, 8: sodium sulfide concentration crystallization reaction tank for exchange elution is as follows: during exchange, the ion exchange resin changes from sodium type to lớn barium type 2R-SO3Na + Ba
S →(RSO3)2Ba + Na2S during leaching. The exchange resin changes from barium type khổng lồ sodium type:(RSO3)2Ba +2Na
NO3 → 2R-S03Na + Ba(NO3)2
precautions this product is toxic. Stimulating nerves, causing spasm, rats LD50355mg/kg orally. Should be kept in a cool place and sealed.
application used to lớn prepare barium oxide, fireworks (green flame), flares, optical glass, reagents, ceramic glazes, etc. Pharmaceutical raw materials; Raw materials for plane wave generators.
solubility in water (g/100ml) dissolution grams per 100ml of water at different temperatures (℃): 4.95g/0 ℃;6.67g/10 ℃;9.02g/20 ℃;11.5g/30 ℃;14.1g/40 ℃ 20.4g/60 ℃;27.2g/80 ℃;34.4g/100 ℃
toxicity often works in the air polluted by barium nitrate dust, which can cause chronic inflammation of the lungs & bronchi. Small doses have a stimulating effect on bone marrow, large doses can cause liver disease, spleen sclerosis. First aid measures such as gastric lavage, enema and emetic should be taken when poisoning. The maximum allowable concentration in the United States is 0.5 mg/m3. Attention should be paid lớn dust prevention & dust removal in the production process. Wear masks, gloves & work clothes to lớn protect respirators & skin when working. The staff should be given health food.
Use Used khổng lồ make fireworks, fireworks, green fireworks, green flares, military ammunition, analytical reagents, tracer bullets, optical glass, pottery uranium medicine, Low temperature salt bath, barium salt raw materials. Used as analytical reagents và oxidants, & also used lớn make barium salts Used to lớn produce barium oxide, barium peroxide và other barium salts, used to lớn make optical glass, green fireworks, flares, explosives, ceramic glaze, etc. Used khổng lồ make barium oxide, barium peroxide & other barium salts, và also used lớn make optical glass & pottery glaze. Can be used as explosives, green fireworks, signal bombs & tracer bombs. It can also be used in anti-corrosion, chemical reagents and medicine, và also in low-temperature salt baths for metal heat treatment. Qualitative of sulfuric acid và chromic acid. Industrial use for making barium compounds, optical glass, pottery glaze, explosives, green fireworks, signal bombs, tracer bombs, etc.
production method nitric acid-barium carbonate method barium carbonate reacts with nitric acid, adds appropriate amount of caustic soda to lớn remove ferric ions, then heats the solution khổng lồ be clarified above 95 ℃, the clear liquid is cooled & crystallized, filtered (mother liquor is circulated), dried and crushed at 250 ℃ to lớn obtain barium nitrate finished product. Its Ba
CO3 2HNO3 → Ba(NO3)2 H2O CO2 ↑ nitrate method uses ammonium nitrate and barium chloride as raw materials for reaction, and then the solution is cooled to lớn 25 ℃ for crystallization, filtered, washed, và dried to obtain the finished sản phẩm of barium nitrate. Its Ba
Cl2 2NH4NO3 → Ba(NO3)2 NH4Cl
category oxidant
toxicity classification highly toxic
acute toxicity oral administration-rat LD50: 355 mg/kg; Abdominal cavity-mouse LD50: 293 mg/kg
stimulation data skin-rabbit 500 mg/24 hours mild; Eye-rabbit 100 mg/24 hours moderate
explosive hazard characteristics explosive in case of organic matter, reducing agent, sulfur, phosphorus and other flammable materials
flammability hazard characteristics high heat decomposition of oxygen; Combustible combustion of organic matter, reducing agent, charcoal, sulfur, phosphorus and other flammable materials produces toxic nitrogen oxides và barium-containing compound smoke
storage and transportation characteristics warehouse ventilation; Light loading & unloading; Store separately from organic matter, reducing agent, charcoal, sulfur và phosphorus flammable materials & food raw materials
fire extinguishing agent mist water, sand, carbon dioxide
occupational standard TWA 0.5 mg (barium)/m3
toxic substance data information provided by: (external link)

Barium nitrate (Ba(NO3)2) is a trắng solid. It dissolves in water and forms barium and nitrate ions. It can explode when heated or mixed with combustibles.

IUPAC nameBarium dinitrate
Molecular formulaBa(NO3)2
CAS number10022-31-8
SynonymsBarium nitrate, Bariumdinitrat, Dinitrate de baryum, CQ9625000, (nitrooxy)bario nitrate

Barium Nitrate Properties

Barium Nitrate Formula

The molecular formula of barium nitrate is Ba(NO3)2. It shows that one molecule of barium nitrate consists of one atom of barium & two molecules of nitrate. The nitrate ion has a charge of -1 và the barium ion has a charge of +2, so they combine in a 1:2 ratio to size a neutral compound.

Barium Nitrate Molar Mass

The molar mass of Ba(NO3)2 is 261.337 g/mol. It is the mass of one mole of Ba(NO3)2 molecules. Khổng lồ calculate it, we need to địa chỉ the atomic masses of all the atoms in the formula:

Molar mass of Ba(NO3)2 = (1 x 137.327) + (2 x 14.007) + (6 x 15.999) = 261.337 g/mol

Barium Nitrate Boiling Point

The boiling point of Ba(NO3)2 is 83°C. It is the temperature at which Ba(NO3)2 changes from liquid lớn gas. However, Ba(NO3)2 decomposes before reaching its boiling point, so it is not possible to lớn boil it without breaking it down into other substances.

Barium Nitrate Melting Point

The melting point of Ba(NO3)2 is 592°C. It is the temperature at which Ba(NO3)2 changes from solid to lớn liquid. Ba(NO3)2 is a trắng crystalline solid at room temperature và pressure, but it melts when heated above its melting point.

Barium Nitrate mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa g/ml

The density of Ba(NO3)2 is 3.23 g/ml. It is the mass per unit volume of Ba(NO3)2. To lớn calculate it, we need to divide the mass of a sample of Ba(NO3)2 by its volume:

Density of Ba(NO3)2 = Mass / Volume

For example, if we have a sample of 10 g of Ba(NO3)2 và its volume is 3.1 ml, then its mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa is:

Density of Ba(NO3)2 = 10 / 3.1 = 3.23 g/ml

Barium Nitrate Molecular Weight

The molecular weight of Ba(NO3)2 is the same as its molar mass, which is 261.337 g/mol. It is the mass of one mole of Ba(NO3)2 molecules. Sometimes, the term molecular weight is used interchangeably with molar mass, but they are not exactly the same. Molecular weight refers lớn the average mass of one molecule of a substance, while molar mass refers lớn the mass of one mole of a substance.

Barium Nitrate Structure


The structure of Ba(NO3)2 shows how the atoms and ions are arranged in space. Ba(NO3)2 is an ionic compound, which means it consists of positively charged barium ions và negatively charged nitrate ions held together by electrostatic forces. The structure of Ba(NO3)2 can be represented by a unit cell, which is the smallest repeating unit that shows the arrangement of ions in a crystal lattice.

A unit cell of Ba(NO3)2 has a cubic shape, with one barium ion at each corner và one nitrate ion at the center of each face. The coordination number of each ion is six, which means each ion is surrounded by six oppositely charged ions. The length of each edge of the unit cell is 0.65 nm.

Barium Nitrate Solubility

The solubility of Ba(NO3)2 is the amount of Ba(NO3)2 that can dissolve in a given amount of solvent, usually water. The solubility depends on several factors, such as temperature, pressure, & the presence of other substances in the solution.

At 20°C và atmospheric pressure, the solubility of Ba(NO3)2 in water is about 34 g per 100 ml. This means that 34 g of Ba(NO3)2 can dissolve in 100 ml of water at this condition. The solubility increases with increasing temperature và decreases with increasing pressure.

Ba(NO3)2 is also soluble in other solvents, such as ethanol, acetone, and methanol, but less soluble than in water.

AppearanceWhite solid
Specific gravity3.23
ColorColorless, silver, or gray
Molar mass261.337 g/mol
Density3.23 g/ml
Melting point592°C
Boiling point83°C
Flash pointNon-flammable
Water solubility34 g per 100 ml at 20°C
SolubilitySoluble in ethanol, acetone, & methanol; insoluble in ether and chloroform
Vapour pressureNegligible
Vapour densityNot applicable
Not applicable
Not available

Barium Nitrate Safety & Hazards

Ba(NO3)2 is a toxic and oxidizing substance. It can harm you if you swallow it or breathe it in. It can irritate your eyes, skin, and respiratory system. Ba(NO3)2can also cause muscle spasms, heart problems, & death. You should avoid tương tác with Ba(NO3)2 và wear protective equipment when handling it. You should also keep it away from heat, sparks, flames, and combustible materials. If you get exposed khổng lồ Ba(NO3)2, you should rinse your eyes & skin with water & seek medical help. You can also take sulfate salts to lớn reduce the toxicity of barium.

Barium Nitrate Synthesis Methods

Different methods can be used to lớn create Ba(NO3)2, which is a white solid substance.

One method is to lớn react barium carbonate with nitric acid. This produces Ba(NO3)2 và carbon dioxide. Filter the Ba(NO3)2 solution khổng lồ remove any iron impurities, then evaporate it lớn obtain solid crystals.

Another method is to lớn react barium sulfide with nitric acid. This produces Ba(NO3)2 & hydrogen sulfide. Khổng lồ purify & crystallize the Ba(NO3)2 solution, we follow the same process as before.

A third method is to lớn dissolve barium metal or barium oxide in nitric acid. This produces Ba(NO3)2 and hydrogen or water. The solution containing Ba(NO3)2 is then concentrated & undergoes crystallization.

A fourth method is khổng lồ use molten salt synthesis. This involves heating a mixture of Ba(NO3)2 và an inorganic vesicant, such as ammonium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, or sodium nitrite. The vesicant decomposes & creates pores in the Ba(NO3)2 crystals. This makes them more reliable as a pyrotechnic oxidizers.

These are some of the methods to lớn synthesize Ba(NO3)2. They all use nitric acid as a common reactant và produce Ba(NO3)2 as a product.

Barium Nitrate Uses

Some of the uses of Ba(NO3)2 are:

Barium oxide compounds – Used in the production of barium oxide-containing materials, such as ceramics, glass, and cathode ray tubes.Green Flame – Used in green signal lights and fireworks, as it burns with a green flame due lớn the emission of barium ions.Rodenticide – Used as a rodenticide lớn kill rats and mice, as it is toxic khổng lồ them.Oxidizer – Used in detonators & explosives, it is a strong oxidizer và can enhance the combustion of other substances.Primer – Used in primers and tracer bullets, as it provides ignition và visibility to the ammunition.Pigment – Used in the making of paints & pigments, as it can impart a white or green color to them.Oxidizing agent – Used as an oxidizing agent in various chemical reactions, such as the synthesis of barium peroxide và barium hydroxide.Explosives – Used in making explosives such as Baratol, which is a mixture of Ba(NO3)2, TNT, & binder.


Q: Is barium nitrate soluble?

A: Ba(NO3)2 is soluble in water và some other solvents, such as ethanol, acetone, và methanol.

Q: Is barium nitrate useful for concrete?

A: Ba(NO3)2 is not useful for concrete, as it can cause corrosion of steel reinforcement and cracking of concrete.

Q: Will a precipitate khung if solutions of potassium sulfate and barium nitrate are combined?

A: Yes, a precipitate of barium sulfate (Ba
SO4) will size if solutions of potassium sulfate (K2SO4) & barium nitrate (Ba(NO3)2) are combined.

Q: Barium nitrate has the formula Ba(NO3)2. Which statement is true about barium nitrate?

A: A possible true statement is: Ba(NO3)2 is an ionic compound that consists of one barium ion và two nitrate ions.

Q: Is barium nitrate volatile?

A: No, Ba(NO3)2 is not volatile, as it has a high melting point & decomposes before boiling.

Q: Is barium nitrate neutral?

A: No, Ba(NO3)2 is not neutral, as it is an acidic salt that can lower the p
H of a solution.

Q: What is produced during the replacement reaction of Ba(NO3)2 và Na2SO4?

A: Na
NO3 and Ba
SO4 are produced during the replacement reaction of Ba(NO3)2 and Na2SO4.

Q: Is Ba(NO3)2 soluble in water?

A: Yes, Ba(NO3)2 is soluble in water, as it dissolves to size barium ions and nitrate ions.

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Q: What is the net ionic equation of the reaction of Mg
SO4 with Ba(NO3)2?

A: The net ionic equation of the reaction of Mg
SO4 with Ba(NO3)2 is:

Ba2+ + SO42- → Ba

Q: What is the number of moles in 432 g Ba(NO3)2?

A: The number of moles in 432 g Ba(NO3)2 is:

n = m / M, n = 432 / 261.337, n = 1.653 moles

Q: Is Ba(NO3)2 soluble?

A: Yes, Ba(NO3)2 is soluble, as it dissolves to size barium ions & nitrate ions.