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Juky San


Trần Thị Dung[1]

14 January 1998 (age 25)[1]

Years active2019–present
Musical career
OriginHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • V-pop
  • Ballad
  • Dance

Trần Thị Dung,[1] better known by her stage name as Juky San (born 14 January 1998), is a Vietnamese singer.

Best known as the contestant of The Voice of Vietnam in 2019,[2][3] she has released several well-known singles such as Yêu rồi đấy (I Love It, 2019), Phải chăng em vẫn yêu? (Did I Fall in Love?, 2021), and Khóc cười (Laughing Cry, 2022).[4] In 2022, she released her first EP, Symphonies: Juky San No.22, with her lead single Mùa thu mang lại em (Autumn for Me).[5]

San also participated in season 1 of The Masked Singer Vietnam with her character as ChipChip Pink, and eventually she was being eliminated in the first round.[6]

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