If you're thinking the charity sector could be for you, take a look at the seven main types of roles you could vày after graduating.

Firstly, it's worth noting that larger charities such as Cancer Research,Teach Firstand Age UKtend khổng lồ provide graduate training programmes, internships and structured career development opportunities. Compared with smaller charitable institutions, they have highly complex structures with very specific & specialist job functions comparable with those found in the commercial and public sectors. Smaller organisations are likely khổng lồ want lớn recruit generalists so be prepared to turn your hands khổng lồ a number of jobs.

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Carve out a successful career with charities such as the National Trust. From conservation management to operations you could become an expert in a particular field.

Some of the most frequently advertised roles in this sector fall into the following groups... But one thing that they all have in common is that you'll be willing to lớn get stuck in from the start.

1. Management / Administration / Operations

Like all good business, charities need a strong administration and operations management team at its core. If operations is for you, you'll need lớn be someone searlearbitration.org is logical, process-driven và likes to be highly-organised. You do not need to lớn begin your career in this sector, as many operations specialists might move across after a stint in the private sector.

2. Personnel và Human Resource

People, employees and volunteers are crucial to the success of any given charity. In the Human Resource và Personnel department, you'll be responsible for making sure the charity looks after its people and their wellbeing, along with training, development và contractual arrangements. If you love working with people, this is a good area for you.

The charity searlearbitration.org receives the most donations in the UK is Gavi Alliance: a charity which draws together major international bodies lớn fund immunisation programmes.

Source: Charity aids Foundation

3. Marketing, Communications và Campaigning

Raising awareness of the charity in the hope that more people donate to it is vital. This can come in the form of publicity, marketing and communications, representing the organisation at events, organising large-scale fundraisers and awareness campaigns or liaising with benefactors searlearbitration.org will be making substantial donations.

The voluntary sector is benefitting hugely from social media, as it enables fast, effective targeting of potential donors, volunteers and contributors for fundraising and other campaigns aimed at internet users. This area is growing all the time and there are now dedicated digital jobs available in this sector.

To succeed in these fields, you'll need superb communication skills, both oral & written & be able to lớn influence others.You'll need to be really passionate about your cause và excellent at demonstrating that through the work that you produce.

You will find more information in our quảng bá and kinh doanh career path guide.

4. Volunteer Management

Volunteer Managers tend khổng lồ be responsible for recruiting, interviewing & managing a charity's volunteer network. You'll help devise & implement training programmes & deliver awareness initiatives lớn drive volunteer numbers upwards. You could find yourself working on a local, national or even global level và helping lớn drive a charity's strategy.

You can undertake a volunteer management qualification to lớn help you in this role, but rarely is it a prerequisite. You'll be good with people & possess exceptional organisational skills khổng lồ excel.

5. Policy Development & Research

Charities need to raise their awareness - and part of this is providing the research, insights & analysis required khổng lồ influence the debate.

You'll be part of a team khổng lồ help implement a charity's strategy & be expected lớn build relationships & influencing stakeholders và organisations alike. You'll have excellent communication & research skills, with a keen eye for detail & an ability lớn think quickly on your feet. For more insights into public affairs, read our snapshot guide just here.

Successful graduates need khổng lồ be really passionate about your cause & excellent at demonstrating that through the work that they produce.

6. Fundraising

Every charity exists to lớn raise money for its cause through fundraisers but there is more lớn charity work than calling door to lớn door rattling your tin! Fundraisers, or trust fundraisers, will have to lớn apply for funding from large organisations by putting together funding proposals.

It's a real blend of kinh doanh and sales in a business environment. There is a wide range of specialist fundraising roles in charities these days: community, corporate, direct marketing, events, legacy, major donor, regional, statutory, & trust.

For Corporate Fundraising & Major Donor fundraising you will need khổng lồ be comfortable dealing with a searlearbitration.orgle range of people, some very high profile. You will need khổng lồ be comfortable chatting at a party with celebrities, or with the head of a large company. Project managing is also very important & you will have to juggle a million things at one time and keep track of anything that could go wrong.

7. Grants Officers/Advisers

As a Grant Officer and/or Adviser, you'll tend to work with the fundraising departments to contribute towards the overall fundraising targets of a charity and to ensure the long term sustainability of the charity's work. You'll work khổng lồ produce high-value successful applications khổng lồ new và current UK and/or international trusts & statutory funders and, if required, produce documentation to help do this.

You'll need superb communication, strong leadership and organisational skills. You'll be required khổng lồ build relationships internally & externally. Sometimes you'll be required to work khổng lồ tough targets so you'll be someone searlearbitration.org thrives under pressure và working khổng lồ tight deadlines.


Of course, every charity is structured a little differently, but almost all of them no matter how big or small require experts. These could be scientific researchers, lawyers, human rights specialists và so on. If you're particularly interested in a particular area, you might look at gaining the required training you need first & then move across to the charity sector when the time is right. It's an equally valuable route - và potentially a better one if you want lớn build up a particular area of expertise.

searlearbitration.org gets its funding from two main sources: thành viên States paying their assessed contributions (countries’ membership dues), và voluntary contributions from member States & other partners.

Assessed contributions (AC) are a percentage of a country’s gross domestic hàng hóa (the percentage is agreed by the United Nations General Assembly). Thành viên States approve them every two years at the World Health Assembly. Theycover less than 20% of the total budget.

The remainder of searlearbitration.org’s financing is in the size of voluntary contributions (VC), largely from member States as well as from other United Nations organizations, intergovernmental organizations, philanthropic foundations, the privatesector, and other sources.

Assessed contributions are the dues countries pay in order khổng lồ be a member of the Organization. The amount each thành viên State must pay is calculated relative khổng lồ the country"s wealth & population.

Assessed contributions have declined as an overall percentage of the Programme Budget và have, for several years, accounted for less than one quarter of the Organization’s financing. The balance is mobilized through voluntary contributions.

However, assessed contributions remain a key source of financing for the Organization, providing a level of predictability, helping lớn minimize dependence on a narrow donor base, và allowing resources lớn be aligned khổng lồ the Programme Budget.

Voluntary contributions come from member States (in addition lớn their assessed contribution) or from other partners. In recent years, voluntary contributions have accounted for more than three quarters of the Organization’s financing.

Voluntary contributions (VC) are further categorized based on the degree of flexibility searlearbitration.org has in deciding how to lớn spend these funds:

Core voluntary contributions (CVC)

Core voluntary contributions are fully unconditional (flexible), meaning searlearbitration.org has full discretion on how these funds should be used lớn fund the programmatic work of the Organization. These represent 4.1% of all voluntary contributions.searlearbitration.org thanks all contributors to this account.


Note: The amounts represent the revenue receivedby searlearbitration.org for the period stated & they might differ from the figures inthe searlearbitration.org Budget Portal, as they represent funds available net ofprogramme tư vấn costs.

Thematic và strategic engagement funds

Thematic and strategic engagement funds(partially flexible) aim khổng lồ meet contributors’ requirements for reporting và accountability while providing a certain degree of flexibility in their allocation. These funds provide more effectiveand efficient earmarked funding by helping lớn promote searlearbitration.org’s stronger focus on results, while delivering on our contributors’ priorities. These represent 7.9% of all voluntary contributions in 2020-2021.

The list of thematic funders keeps growing. Thanks khổng lồ ourpioneerskey “thematic funders”Germany, theEuropean CommissionandJapan,and others searlearbitration.org have joined them since. searlearbitration.org received US$ 550 million in thematic funds in 2020-2021, up 48% from the previous biennium. These funds give a degree of flexibility that allows searlearbitration.org to be more effective và efficient in allocatingfunds, to focus on results for our joint priorities.

Thematic Funding, The searlearbitration.org Portal Budget

Specified voluntary contributions

Specified voluntary contributionsrepresent 88% of all voluntary contributions. They are tightly earmarked to lớn specific programmatic areas and/or geographical locations & must be spent within a specified timeframe.

searlearbitration.org is extremely grateful khổng lồ all donors, particularly those searlearbitration.org provide flexible funding & thematic and strategic engagement funds as it allows searlearbitration.org lớn be agile and strategic in efforts to lớn achieve the Triple Billion targets. Therefore,searlearbitration.org is calling for an increase in flexible funding arrangements.

searlearbitration.org’s thành viên States are currently engaging in an active discussion to lớn find ways lớn improve searlearbitration.org’s funding and ensure it is flexible, predictable and sustainable.

Read more about the searlearbitration.org’s working group on sustainable financing.
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